Train Your Green Team – Find the Best Possible Education Resources for Green Teams

What is a Green Team?
A green team is a relatively new concept for businesses who aim to increase the presence of sustainability programs. These teams are designed to influence other employees and stakeholders in the company by increasing awareness of environmental issues and promoting involvement. A comprehensive green team will include employees from all areas of the company, including management. This diversity helps to promote employee involvement in the programs that are chosen for the company.
The success of the green team is largely based on their ability to implement extensive sustainability programs that employees of the company understand and embrace.
The goal of any green team is to make the workplace more environmentally friendly. This includes looking at existing processes and looking for ways to make improvements. The most common goals are reducing the amount of energy and water that is used as well as decreasing waste. The green team will look to engage employees and demonstrate how each employee's behavior affects these overall goals. It can also include looking at the building materials used in the workplace and working to include green building materials wherever possible, especially new construction.
One of the most crucial elements of a successful green team is the ability to communicate clearly, and engage others. This may include the maintenance of such things as newsletters, wikis, and other forums for idea sharing. Developing incentive programs and competitions are also common ways to increase employee engagement and support.
The most successful green teams will be properly trained in order to maximize their effectiveness. This includes continued learning of new advances in green technologies and best practices.
One of the best sources of the latest learning materials is the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). This council is responsible for advocating the transformation of green building practices in Canada. They also actively participate in creating the most advanced best practices and guidelines for green building development and operation. These guidelines are specifically designed for the unique challenges that are present in Canada including the environment, building practices and regulations.
Learning through the CaGBC
The CaGBC in particular offers a wide variety of courses and learning materials for a wide variety of interests. These courses address everything from LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation/exam preparation for green building professionals to courses that are geared toward building the skills of green teams.
Members of the CaGBC have access to courses and training materials designed to educate green team members in the following ways:
  • Using green initiatives to save money
  • Minimize energy usage and waste
  • Develop strong sustainability plans that garner shareholder support
  • Assessing the current green situation and determining what goals are possible
Corporate memberships allow companies to provide excellent training materials to all members of the green team. Members receive discounts on all courses, certifications and training materials as well as networking opportunities with other members across the country including legions of industry experts.
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